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Our Partners

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Audax Ventures

Audax is here to help build the foundation of your business. As a founder, your most important job is to do the first things right - you can't build a successful business with a flawed foundation.


Audax work's with clients to help support the launch, growth and exit of their business. From business plan development, technology development, capital investments, marketing support and business coaching, Audax's team of experts and portfolio of companies has access to the resources you need to build a successful company. Our team of experts are here to help solve problems, plan for the future and work with you to build your company. 

Triact Digital

Triact work's with entrepreneurs and organizations to help formulate, execute and evaluate their digital strategies and the technology tools they need to succeed. Whether you are a start-up planning to build your MVP, or an already established company needing to enhance or add to your digital infrastructure, Triact can support all "acts" of your business life cycle and support your technology needs.

There are endless possibilities. Triact is here to help you stay relevant, sustainable and empower you to grow your company through smart, cutting-edge technology.

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Indigenous Strategy

Indigenous Strategy is an Indigenous led and Indigenous owned company, whose mission is to manifest measurable change as part of reconciliation and equity aspirations through the organization's efforts as bridge-builders, leaders, problem solvers, and innovators.  


Indigenous Strategy works with you to design customized and innovative solutions to address your challenges and support your aspirations.  

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