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About Us

Asteria Global is skilled in leading entrepreneurs through ideation, product and business development, and commercialization.


Through our work with numerous companies & entrepreneurs - representing a wide range of industries - we understand that when moving through either ideation, re-invention, launch, commercialization, and scale, the most important focus for any start-up or existing business is the execution of sound strategy, operational efficiencies, measurement, and leadership. This is where our experience, strengths, and wisdom add value to the fast pace and innovative environment of start-ups, and small to mid-sized companies.   


The day-to-day operational needs of start-ups and small to mid-size businesses are typically handled by team leads and technicians. However, these transitional situations require business expertise that may not be economically attainable within the full-time employee compliment. Asteria Global can support that role on a project or term basis, providing organizations with the level of expertise required that is budget tolerant. 

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We act as:

A Partner - We support the creative mind and vision of the entrepreneur while at the same time are a sounding board or partner in determining strategic direction - practically turning creativity into reality. 

An Executor - We lead the execution of strategies that align with the organization’s vision while ensuring key performance metrics are developed, analyzed, and used for making sound business decisions. We help build efficient, world-class operations that improve profits and fuel growth and innovation.  


A Mentor - We provide business expertise and leadership to leverage people, process, and the applicable technology, while building a culture focused on execution, collaboration, and high performance.

Cost Savings - We provide access to a team of expertise on an outsourced or project basis - at a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive.

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