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Areas of Focus


Strategy Formulation


We guide and equip you with the tools and processes required to formulate a customized strategic plan encompassing your organization's mission, vision and strategic goals.


We can help you with:

  • Strategy formulation, implementation, and evaluation;

  • Strategy mapping and measurement (goals, objectives, initiatives and key performance indicators that support the corporate strategy);

  • Change management in support of successful strategy implementation;

  • Balanced scorecard performance management.




We help you operationalize your vision through identified strategic objectives, change management practices, and key performance indicators that cascade from corporate mission to front line tactics. As an outsourced part-time or project based COO we lead and work with your operations team in the execution of the strategic objectives and activities ensuring stakeholder results. 

We do this through: 

  • Communication and change leadership principles;

  • Leveraging employee talents and team performance;

  • Identifying operational efficiencies;

  • Employee training and development.


Performance Measurement


Using the Balanced Scorecard approach as a performance management tool, we identify and ensure key performance indicators (KPI’s) are formulated, measured and evaluated so that sound business decisions can be made. 


We support this process by: 

  • A dashboard of KPI’s that are specific to strategic goals and are cascaded throughout the organization;

  • Communication, understanding and ownership of performance measures from leadership to front line and individual performance;

  • Consistent measurement and analysis of the KPI’s.


Our Services

Growth & Development: 

  • Facilitation of formulated strategy

  • Implementation plan

  • Dashboard of key performance indicators

Business Reinvention: 

  • Competitive landscape

  • Opportunity analysis

  • Operational efficiency analysis

  • Capital financing needs

  • Business plan development

  • Market validation

  • Change management​

Succession Planning: 

  • Exit strategy

  • Talent needs & identification

  • Transition of talent

  • Capital financing analysis

  • Business plan development 

  • Change management 

Financial Process & Needs:

  • Financial gap analysis 

  • Capital requirements

  • Financial reporting

  • Financial/stakeholder relationships

  • Key performance indicators analysis


  • Needs assessment / Operational efficiencies 

  • Opportunity identification for technology

  • Software development (to be priced separately)

  • Change management 

General Business Advisory: 

  • C-Suite advisory 

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