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Lindsay Friesen
Venture Advisor

B.A (Marketing & Management)

Lindsay Friesen graduated with her bachelor of arts in marketing and management from the University of Manitoba in September of 2018. 


Lindsay has always had an interest in entrepreneurship and worked at The Eureka Project (now North Forge Technology Exchange) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. During this time, Lindsay was immersed in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and was involved in mentoring entrepreneurs, leading new entrepreneurs through an intake process and assisted start-ups with business development and funding allocation. Lindsay’s knowledge of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, as well as her skills in budgeting and finance, acquired from a previous role at Investors Group, has given her the skills to be a critical resource to any start-up.


Concurrently, Lindsay is the Program Coordinator at the Stu Clark Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Manitoba and assists with the development of multiple programs and initiatives to assist young entrepreneurs. 

Lindsay Friesen
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